Bangladesh seeks apology for 1971 war crimes

Bangladesh seeks apology for 1971 war crimes


DHAKA: Bangladesh’s foreign minister on Friday asked his Pakistani counterpart to apologise for war crimes allegedly committed by the army during Bangladesh’s bloody liberation struggle in 1971, a Bangladeshi ministry official said.
“The foreign minister has raised the 1971 issue and expected that Pakistan would apologise at one stage,” Quayes told reporters after the meeting.

“There are some unresolved issues between the two governments and she expects that Pakistan would come forward to resolve them,” Quayes said. Khar was on a six-hour visit to Bangladesh to formally invite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to a summit scheduled to be held in Islamabad on November 22.

“The Pakistani foreign minister said that they have regretted in different forms in the past and that it was time to move forward,” Quayes said. Muslim-majority Bangladesh, which was formerly called East Pakistan, won its bloody independence struggle in December 1971

NOVEMBER 9, 2012

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1 Response to Bangladesh seeks apology for 1971 war crimes

  1. jahangir says:

    pk govt.should apologize formall


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