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Bangladesh – The hidden tiger in the dragons’ shadow

BANGLADESH – THE HIDDEN TIGER IN THE DRAGONS’ SHADOW BY: GOLAM MOSTAFA Bangladesh is a beautiful land, blessed with natural resources, fertile deltas and a vibrant young workforce. Its economy continues to steam ahead, with an annual GDP growth rate averaging … Continue reading


Bangladesh: a Chinese stitch-up?

BANGLADESH: A CHINESE STITCH-UP? BY DAVID KEOHANE Bangladesh could be this decade’s great usurper if it manages to sidle into the low-value manufacturing gap China is leaving in its wake as it moves up the value-adding ladder. And if a … Continue reading

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Maritime boundary with India: Tough days ahead

MARITIME BOUNDARY WITH INDIA: TOUGH DAYS AHEAD By M. Inamul Haque The International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas (ITLOS) in Hamburg, Germany, gave its judgment on the maritime boundary dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar (Case 16), on March … Continue reading

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Why Bangladesh may overtake the West by 2050?

WHY BANGLADESH MAY OVERTAKE THE WEST BY 2050? BY ASHFAQUR RAHMAN Prediction is a dangerous business. It can literally put you out of business. But last week, when the influential UK daily, The Guardian,predicted in a report that Bangladesh along with … Continue reading

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U.S- South Asia relations: A vision for the future

U.S- SOUTH ASIA RELATIONS: A VISION FOR THE FUTURE AUTHOR / SOURCE: GEOFFREY PYATT India’s economic take-off has enabled greater influence and responsibility in the international system. As India has shifted its engagement outward, this has opened new possibilities for … Continue reading

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Bangladesh firm on pakistan apology

BANGLADESH FIRM ON PAKISTAN APOLOGY BY RAJEEV SHARMA It was a five-hour visit to Dhaka but it was long enough to bring Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar face-to-face with a reality that she and her countrymen have long tried … Continue reading

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