Modern Russian weapons are the most appropriate armaments for Bangladesh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh emphasized in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia.

She gave an interview about the results of Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Russia. “The decision to receive a loan of one billion dollars from Russia for the purchase of new Russian military equipment is important for us”, Dipu Moni noted.

yak-130“Russian military equipment has long been known in Bangladesh”, Minister of foreign Affairs Dipu Moni said. – During the Soviet period we bought the Mikoyan MiG-21 aircraft. Later we purchased the Mikoyan MiG-29 aircraft. We have Russian transport airplanes and helicopters. In accordance with the strategic plan of the re-equipment of our army, we intend to carry out new purchases of the Russian military equipment.

The Bangladeshi military contingent participates in virtually all the operations aimed at restoring peace and order carried out by the United Nations forces. Its equipment should meet modern requirements. And the weapons, which we intend to buy from Russia, will also be used for this mission”.

btr80_9Military experts state that in recent years, Bangladesh purchased a consignment of MIG-29 fighter aircraft, armored personnel carriers BTR-80, BREM-K and BMM, several MI-171Sh helicopters from Russia. And today Bangladesh takes interest in Russian air defense equipment, helicopters, and ground forces combat equipment.

More than 10 documents were signed these days in Moscow. In this voluminous package, Minister of foreign Affairs Dipu Moni marks the significance of another Russian loan for Bangladesh: $ 500 million for the construction of the Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant. This will be the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh. Great hopes for resolving energy problems of the country are connected with it.

Russia-Bangladesh_arms__energy_deals_-_EDM_January_30__2013Among the main bilateral documents Dipu Moni mentioned the Memorandum on anti-terrorist cooperation. “From time to time we cooperate with Russia in this field, but now this cooperation will be carried out on a permanent basis”, – the Minister of foreign Affairs explained.

BTR-82A_wheeled_armoured_vehicle_personnel_carrier_Russia_Russian_army_002“Bangladesh and Russia will exchange information relating to drug trafficking, illegal transportation of weapons, illegal crossing of borders, and fighting against piracy,” Dipu Moni said. “Joint training of personnel of the special services is planned. We are going to combine efforts in the face of possible new challenges and we intend to act in this direction together with other countries”.

russiaThere is still a problem of increasing bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Russia. The parties will make concrete steps in this direction, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh Dipu Moni noted.

“A Business Council of the two countries is being created”. – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh says. – “The question of issuing a visa to businessmen on their arrival in Bangladesh is being discussed. Negotiations on Russia’s granting privileges to Bangladesh on the supply of Bangladeshi traditional goods, including frozen seafood, clothes, and knitted wear are under way.

174128308Through Russia, Bangladesh is establishing trade contacts with other countries of the Customs Union – Kazakhstan and Belarus. A decision is taken on establishing an intergovernmental Commission on cooperation between Russia and Bangladesh. It will be headed by Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the two countries. The Commission will be engaged in expanding cooperation in all directions”.

Russia-Syria-APBangladesh has made an application for accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an observer-state. Minister of foreign Affairs Dipu Moni is sure that participation in this growing and influential regional organization will give additional impetus to Bangladesh’s relations with Russia


JANUARY 17, 2013 



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