Democracy in Bangladesh: The Role of ISI & their Military Regimes in Pakistan


Alleged ISI-Spies: Photo collected from

As ISI, the military Intelligence of Pakistan, is serving their vital role in the region to unstable the politico-military situation for many reasons like below:

1) Their main intention to concentrate the power of Pakistan in the hand of Pakistan army.

2) They want to capitalize and use the sentiments of general people of Pakistan in favor of them (the Pakistan Army) to get legitimacy of their illegally seized power.

3) They want to grab all money resources in favor of them by using fundamentalists to create anti-Indian attitude in Pakistan.

Since 1947 Indo-Pak relations had been stood on tense, misconducts and lack of faith. After the occupation of Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) by Pakistan army in October 1947, Raja Hari Singh sought Indian assistance and fled to India and signed the instrument of Accession, ceding Kashmir to India on October 26, 1947. Thus India-Pakistan fought their first battle after their birth from British rule over Kashmir (The Telegraph, 24 September 2001).

This scenario created another power center in Pakistan politics and that was the army of Pakistan. From then they started to dream to capture the power and after short time, the world observed the same. The army captured the power and mobilized the people’s sentiments to them. The army became the symbol of “hope” of the general people of Pakistan to capture the whole Kashmir. So, their game had been started to keep the power permanently in their hand. The ISI (the secret agency of Pakistan army) started their main operation to establish their plan accordingly by misguiding the peoples’ sentiment.

All military rulers of Pakistan, from Ayub Khan to Parvez Mosharraf, adopted the same policies during their ruling periods. But all military regimes of Pakistan had been supported by the USA governments directly. The world was divided then as the bi-polar systems. The main target of the USA was to resist communism and Soviet Supremacy in the region.

When Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the US government directly backed the Military regime of General Ziaul Haque to promote the anti-Soviet warfare in Afghanistan. For this reason, they (USA) provided financial supports, arms-ammunitions and training to the Afghan Mujahids (Islamic Soldiers) and Taliban jointly with Pakistan to make them capable to fight against the Soviets. In that time, Osma Bin Laden, a close ally of the then US Government, formed the ‘AL-KAYEDA’ with the direct cooperation of Pakistan’s military government and the US government too. That efforts created another “Frankenstein” in the world to turmoil the democratic situations in the Muslim countries and India. Later on, those “Islamic soldiers” became the threat to the Western Countries too and shortly after the event of 9/11 of 2001 in the USA, the US Government enlisted those “Islamic Soldiers” as the “Islamic Terrorists” and declared them as the enemy of the humanity!

All Governments of Pakistan use those “Frankenstein” to achieve their targets in the region. They are using them in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in India, even in Bangladesh too. The Harkat-ul Jihad Al-Islam (Huji), JMJB, JMB, Hijbut Tahrir – all are the products of ISI in Bangladesh with the close cooperation of BNP and Jamat-e-Islam of Bangladesh. The later one is the party of war criminals (Razakar / Al-Bador / Al-Shams) and their leaders actively participated in the massacre of 1971 along with the brutal Pakistan army.

To confirm the money-flow into Pakistan, the ISI controls the maximum part of the flow of money from Arab-states to their sponsored Islamic terrorist groups, like Harkatul Jihad, Lashkar-e-Toiyoba, Laskar-e-Zuncvi, Pakistan Taliban, even the Al-Kayeda too. ISI and their military regimes in Pakistan arrange training, weapons, shelters, and all other logistic supports to those terrorist groups and control them over years after years. Thus the terrorist activities of the “Islamic Terrorists” had been spread sporadically in the region. The Soviet invasion in Afghanistan ignited in this process, ISI and CIA jointly mobilized those terror groups in the name to protect Islam from the communists.

Now the current scenario is totally different. The USA is the invader to Afghanistan and Pakistan is their main ally in the war against the terrorism. But the hidden agenda of Pakistan military and ISI is totally different from their exposed one. Instead, they try to spread and keep continuing the terrorist war in Afghanistan and keep engaged the USA and NATO forces there to ensure the financial and instrumental supports from USA and NATO for long time. They sheltered Osama Bin Laden, the Al-Kayeda head, in their cantonment area years after years. They are secretly providing all out supports to Taliban to confine the USA and their NATO allies in Afghanistan. Recently the topmost military commander of USA, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen bluntly complained that the “virulent” Haqqani Network is a “veritable arms” of Pakistan’s military-run ISI.

Admiral Mike Mullen
Admiral Mullen also told the popular National Public Radio (NPR) that, “The ISI specifically has enough support for the Haqqanis in terms of financial support, logistic support and actually, sort of free passage in the safe haven and those links are part of what enable the Haqqanis to carry out their mission” (The Times of India, 29 September 2011).

To fulfill the conditions of army rule, General Parvez Musharaf created another war over Kashmir in Kargil sector in May 1999 and ousted the then Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and captured the power in October 1999 (Wikipedia, Pervez_Musharraf).

For the same reason, they are trying to establish an anarchic situation in the whole region and to make India unrest with their many terrorist activities in Kashmir, in entire north eastern provinces of India (Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipu, Arunachal Pradesh) and Bangladesh is also in their same game plan. They’ve engaged the Islamic terrorist groups to make unrest in that region and they are providing arms, ammunition, training and all other logistic supports to other insurgents groups of various Indian states, like ULFA (United Liberation Force of Assam). The rise of Islamic terrorist groups in Bangladesh is also closely monitored and guided by the ISI of Pakistan. Some terrorists of Lashkar-e-Toiyoba have been caught in Bangladesh and they leak out their connection with ISI.

Lutfuzzaman Babor: one of the accused, in the inspection of 10-Trucks Arms Case

10-Trucks Arms: After seized

The ISI has tried to use Bangladesh since long ago against India by provoking insurgents in its North-Eastern provinces. The earlier government of Bangladesh (4 party alliance govt.) was their true ally and they jointly provided all out supports to ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam). The 10-truck ammunition case of 2004 is an example in this sector. According to the topmost leaders of ULFA, ISI arranged arms and ammunition for them several times through Bangladesh.

Not only that the then Bangladesh Government of Khaleda Zia gave the ULFA places to setup their shelters and training camp in Bangladesh and ISI supplied all logistics supports to ULFA.

Maulana Abu Taher & Mufti Abdul Hanna: Top leaders of HUJI and accused of many terrorist attacks including grenade attack of 21 August, 2004

Mujaheed (Jamat) & Tareq Zia (BNP): Both are the accused as plotters of the grenade attack of 21 August, 2004

In Bangladesh, ISI is promoting Islamic terrorist groups with close collaboration of Jamat-e-Islam and BNP. They made them stronger and stronger to achieve their target, to take revenge of the defeat of 1971 and to make Bangladesh unsuccessful in their journey from 1971. Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamat-e-Islam of Bangladesh are the true allies of ISI in Bangladesh and ISI successfully used them here in Bangladesh to create anarchic situation.
It was widely spoken that pro-Pakistani wing of Bangladesh Army slaughtered Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members on 15 August, 1975 with the close cooperation of ISI and CIA. Even they give shelters some of those accused killers of 1975 in Pakistan.

On 21 August 2004, a worst grenade attack had been carried out by the Islamic Terrorists Group (HUJI) with all out supports of the 4-Party Alliance Govt. of BNP-Jamat to kill Shiekh Hasina and all of her top leaders of Awami League (AL) in a single instance. After long investigation, it had been revealed the ISI connection with that attack, by using their terrorist groups: Harkatul-Jihad, Jamat-e-Islam, BNP – in Bangladesh side and ISI-sponsored Lashkar-e-Toiyoba in Pakistan side. One of the main plotters and supplier of grenades in that attack, Maulana Tajuddin had fled to Pakistan after the attack with the supports of BNP-led Alliance Government and DGFI of Bangladesh Army.

“Fugitive Maulana Tajuddin is leader of Pakistan-based militant organisation ‘Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)’ and also brother of BNP’s former deputy minister Abdus Salam Pintu, who is also detained in connection with the grenade attack case (The Daily Star, August 27, 2010).

It is also widely spoken that, ISI played a key-role in the election of 2001 to defeat AL by using their all instruments, money and propaganda and by using their hidden ally in the army and administration. After that election, BNP-led 4-Party Alliance formed the Government and started their ethnic cleansing and massacre on the supporters of AL country-wide just like the mass killing and massacre of 1971 and this is the spirit and mentality of the pro-Pakistani clique in Bangladesh!

So, it would not be immaturity to conclude that the ISI of Pakistan is so dangerous to the stability and democratic process in Bangladesh and totally harmful to the development process of Bangladesh.


Updated on 30 September 2011
All other pictures have been taken from the internet version of the Daily Star.

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