‘Azam was like Hitler in Germany’


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gazam25Jamaat-e-Islami guru Ghulam Azam’s role during the Liberation War ‘was quite like Adolf Hitler in Second World War Germany’.

Prosecutor Zead-Al-Malum drew the analogy to point out before first war crimes tribunal that Azam, indicted for five war crimes charges, did not need to be on any government committee.

International Crimes Tribunal – 1 Chairman Justice A T M Fazle Kabir asked at one point during the prosecutor’s closing arguments whether the former Jamaat chief was on any official committees. “Does his name appear on any committees?”

Prosecutor Malum replied that Azam, then head of Jamaat’s East Pakistan unit, was the one who made things happen. “He was the one making all the decisions, why would he need to be on any committee? Being Hitler was enough for Hitler in World War II.”

“But he was a military chief, that was different,” replied the…

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