Promise to the martyrs

BANGLADESH - Audacity of Hope


Shahbagh youths release balloons with letters pledging to protect hard-earned independence

26_Baloon+Release+Chittagong+200213Staff Correspondent

Imbued with the spirit of the Liberation War, thousands of protesters yesterday vowed to safeguard the nation’s hard-earned independence and build a prosperous Bangladesh at any cost, even by sacrificing their lives.

They made the pledge in their letters to the martyred freedom fighters from Shahbagh. In a symbolic gesture, the protesters tied the letters to balloons, which were then released in the air.

As part of the ongoing movement demanding capital punishment to all the war criminals of 1971, letters were also released in different districts across the country.

To press home their demands, protesters will hold a grand rally at the Shahbagh intersection at 3:00pm today.

“You [freedom fighters] sacrificed your blood to liberate the country. It is now my turn to give my blood to eliminate the anti-liberation force from…

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