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BANGLADESH - Audacity of Hope


Photo: Prito Reza

DR. NUZHAT CHOUDHURY makes a personal appeal for the trial of war criminals

It is a logic which a simple child would understand that a crime should be investigated and criminals should be punished. But the usurpers made simple logic seem impractical and unimaginable cruelty easily ignorable. Forcing a raped woman to see her rapist become an elected MP did not seem cruel to the people. When I discussed the issue with others the answer I got was, ‘What can you do, it is democracy, they are elected by the people, so you must allow it.’ Really?  Allowing a war criminal rapist to be involved in the politics of the very country the birth of which they opposed, is democracy? Well, if it is so then there is something very cruel in it. Can nobody feel it?

When I met her she cried. She…

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