Khaleda Zia’s statement: A new type of Govt



Description: Khaleda’s statement that she will form a new type of government if voted to power. Perhaps a lot of our young voters were too young to remember her last term, so let’s remind them exactly what type of new government she will form.

1. Immediately following the election there will be a wave of mass atrocities committed against minorities, just as it happened after the 2001 elections when the BNP came to power. Hindu families were locked in their homes and their homes set on fire, Hindu babies were snatched from their mothers and thrown on fires. Girls were raped and people just slaughtered in cold blood. After the 2008 elections there were no attacks on minorities because the Awami League won.

2. There will be no new electricity power plants built. Load shedding will return and there will be no electricity for half the day. Instead, just like last time Government money will be spent purchasing poles for power lines from Tariq Zia’s company “Khamba Ltd.”. We remember well the piles of “khambas” laying throughout the country, but no electricity. Today the Awami League Government has done what was thought to be impossible and made up the shortage in just one term.

3. Economic growth and foreign investment will slow down, just as it did during the BNP’s last term. Growth had slowed to 4% during their term, while the Awami League has raised it to over 6% during this term. Foreign investment had dropped to almost zero during the BNP’s last term, while the Awami League has raised this to over $1 billon per year.

4. Food production will slow down and as a result “monga” will return. Every year during the BNP’s term many people used to die from monga, while not a single person has died during the Awami League’s term.

5. Terrorism will return. Groups like JMB and HUJI will return and there will be bomb attacks throughout the country, just like the 500 simultaneous bombs that were set off nationwide. Another Bangla Bhai will emerge. Only the Awami League has stopped all terrorist activities and made Bangladesh a terror free country.

6. Political killings will return. Opposition leaders will be murdered just like Dr. Kibria, Ahsanullah Master and many journalists that were killed during the BNP’s term. All of this culminated in the August 21st attack on Sheikh Hasina, which was planned by none other than the Khaleda’s son Tariq Zia. There have been no attacks on opposition leaders only during the Awami League’s term.

7. There will be unbridled corruption and Bangladesh will once again become the most corrupt country in the world, just as it had during the BNP’s previous term. All state money will be siphoned off and development projects will stop. No new roads and bridges will be built. The Awami League has built infrastructure throughout the country, including the many elevated roadways visible throughout Dhaka.

8. There will never again be a free and fair election in Bangladesh. The BNP rigged elections in both their terms, such as the Magura by-elections and the Dhaka-10 elections. They rigged the national elections of February 1996 after which they were forced to resign after two months. They attempted to rig the scheduled elections of 2007, creating a new voter’s list which had 1 crore 40 lakh false voters. Their President Iajuddin took over the Caretaker Government superseding 6 other constitutional posts, resulting in the military stepping in and taking over power. During the Awami League’s term over 5000 elections have been held fairly with the BNP winning all 5 of the last elections.

9. Hawa Bhaban will return immediately. Tariq Zia, a person who has been charged even by foreign Governments for corruption, will run the country. All Government postings and BCS cadres will have to pay a bribe to Hawa Bhaban to get a posting. All businessmen will have to give a cut to Hawa Bhaban, just as they had to do during the BNP’s previous term. There has been no such “Bhaban” during the Awami League’s term.


JULY 19, 2013

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