Sunni Shia conflict and the ‘continuum’ of an ideology – by Shabana Syed

World Shia Forum

Sectarian conflict is not only tearing Muslim countries apart like Iraq and Pakistan but also brewing under the surface in London and European cities.

Sunni and Shia groups view each other suspiciously across a widening gap of misunderstanding propagated by Saudi financed British Sunni Mosques and madras’s attempt to label Shias as kafirs or heretics. On the surface there is a form of coexistence, but when the owner of a media group with the ability to influence thousands states “the biggest threat to world peace is Iran and Shias” it becomes a worrying fact.

It’s even more worrying when many Muslims suffering discrimination and treated as the enemy within cannot comprehend that Shia Sunni bloodshed is one of the many aims of the un- ending war on terror unleashed against Islam and Muslims after 9/11.

The west has reduced occupation forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, as they watch…

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