Syria’s War, Another Tragedy on Euphrates that nobody wants to end – by A Z

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It has been well over two years since the Syrian opposition, propelled by long-held and varying grievances, rose against Bashar al Assad.

With Assad’s long autocratic reign under serious threat, the regime responded with force, arresting protesters and killing many others. In the face of brutality and impelled by their international sponsors, the protests soon turned into an armed insurgency.Given Syria’s location and geopolitical stakes in the region, the only way the rebels could have secured a favourable outcome was to be able to topple Assad on their own, either through peaceful means or through an armed insurgency. However, that was not to be and Syria today is stuck in an accelerating helix of proxy warfare. Syria has become the frontline of the Shia-Sunni conflict reignited by Iraq, with à la carte intervention by international and local powers such as the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The fact…

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