Political parties have failed to turn parliament into the centre of all activities, one of the vital pledges made in the pre-polls agreement (Tin Joter Ruprekha) in 1990, observed Tofail Ahmed, one of the doyens of the country’s politics.

The parties have also failed to uphold democracy and run the country in line with the spirit of 1990 mass movement, the veteran Awami League leader told The Daily Star.

“At present, there is no ideology in politics as the political parties are driven by greed for power and money and thus the spirit of the democratic upheaval of 1990 against deposed military dictator HM Ershad has been destroyed,” lamented Tofail.

After the fall of Ershad’s autocratic regime, we drew fresh inspiration to build a conflict-free democratic society, he maintained. “But our dream to build a prosperous and wealthy nation has been shattered as bad politics has been destroying our achievements over the last 20 years.”

He also deplored the fact that politics has become a money-making vocation.

“Political parties give priority to their self interests rather than giving importance to their respective ideology,” mentioned Tofail, one of the key political leaders in the anti-Ershad movement.

The former minister also said though different parties have different ideology, all the major political parties could unite in 1990 for the greater interest of the country. “But after 1990, we never could unite which is one of our major failures.”

He, however, claimed that most of the pledges made in the 1990 framework of the three alliances have been materialised.

The AL-led 15 party, BNP-led seven-party and left-leaning five-party alliances had signed a historic framework on November 19, 1990 to force the military dictator resign and introduce a democratic rule in the country.

All those signatories pledged to repeal the Special Powers Act, 1974 and give autonomy to Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar.

Pledges were also made to separate judiciary from the executive branch of the government and allow complete independence to it to ensure rule of law.

The three alliances also pledged to strengthen local governments of all the administrative units and run them by elected representatives with full autonomy.


Tue, 06/12/2011
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