The greatest burden of Bangladesh today is its opposition politics devoid of direction, commitment and values. Anybody knowledgeable about the country’s affairs can identify many problems frustrating its economic growth and development. However, out of these problems the one that ought to be recognized as the most formidable one is the nature of its opposition politics.

It is only euphemism to say that politics in the opposition camp here is directionless ; it would be more appropriate to say that their negative politics is at the root of the country’s miseries. In fact, the worsening of this too self-centred politics is threatening to pull down the country and its economy to a ruinous state fairly soon.

The opposition appears to have no plan apart from forcing the ouster of the incumbent government unconstitutionally and illegally only to satisfy its hunger for power. Analyzing the opposition’s present destructive politics, one is bound to conclude that they are being driven solely by their lust for power and nothing else although they are saying that they are doing all these things for the sake of the people. But people’s real good is far removed from their considerations. If it were otherwise then the country today would not be suffering so much from normal life and living getting shattered and the economy fast going downhill from their anarchic activities.

A marathon series of action programmes such as continuous hartals and aborodhs called by the opposition are striking at the vitals of the economy. But who cares ? No one can say that normal life will ensue anytime soon because the opposition is hell bent on forcing the government to surrender to its unjustified demands no matter the costs to the country and the people in the process.

People in all walks of life are very worried and very disgusted by this lack of minimum restraint and sensibilities on the part of those who are, ironically, meant to govern the country and lead it if they go to power next. People are watching with deep indignation the most irresponsible behaviour of the opposition leaders which remind them of a sequence in history from which originated the saying that ‘ when Rome was burning, Nero was playing the flute ‘ to describe the utter lack of sensitivity and responsibility of those at the helm of the main opposition party.

When flexibility, and that too repeatedly, was shown by the ruling party and the government (for example the PM took the initiative to call the opposition leader over telephone) for dialogue, the other spurned the same callously though taking up the offer and exploring it, could help the resolution or dissipation of the political crisis long ago. Everyone should know that the ruling party has extended the most generous offer of giving the BNP all the key ministries it wants in the election time government just to make it agree to participate in elections as scheduled by the Election Commission (EC). But the BNP remains adamant that its absolute demand of the resignation of the present government is a must for it to consider its going to polls. There can be a no more irresponsible stance than this specially when the best interests of the country for all to find an amicable solution to the present crisis calls for all sides to show flexibility and act on the basis of give and take.

Thus, the nation is destined to pay the price of continuing political havocs with no end of the same in sight. The most worrisome aspect is that the on going political mayhem, if it cannot be overcome very soon, will plunge the economy surely into dire straits and this would be inconsolable. When at other times, the economy suffered from non man-made reasons such as for a flood, there could be consolation. But what consolation can be there now when our otherwise normally functioning and highly prospective economy is getting pushed into the abyss by the intemperance of its political elites in the opposition?

BNP leaders claim that their actions are for the good of the people. But the people of Bangladesh see no good in the politics which the present crop of opposition leaders are practicing. Therefore, clean and constructive politics from the opposition are now the nation’s deepest longings

DECEMBER 15th, 2013


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