Outsourcing is the most promising employment in information and telecommunication sector in the world. Anyone can engage themselves in this sector. One can easily earn a handsome amount of money at home by developing light softwares, useful applications even writing an article. Bangladesh has become the third highest earning country through outsourcing.

In the continuation of this success, government has initiated a project ‘Learning and Earning Development’ to create 55 thousand skilled freelancers, to secure a strong position in the global market of freelancing and will train 1,920 journalists in outsourcing.
Eager female learners are also encouraged in this project. 20 thousand women will be trained in ‘Basic IT Literacy’ which is one of the major purposes of the project.
25 thousand youth will receive training on basic IT literacy to prepare them as skilled ‘Outsourcing Freelancer’.

Under this project, 10 thousand youth will receive advanced training on IT to become skilled ‘Specialized Outsourcing Freelancer’.

180.40 crore taka is estimated as the total expense of the project. Government fund will meet the expenses. The ministry of Information and Communication Technology will implement this project. The sole purpose of the project is to create expert freelancers thus new sectors of employment and awareness about outsourcing.

Country-wide tech-fair, conference, seminar and workshop at regional levels on freelancing will be organized. Under this project, 80 laptops, 80 modems, 40 pen drives, 5 multimedia projectors, 1 photocopier and other necessary official equipments, 1 microbus, 1 jeep and 1 caravan jeep will be bought.

To achieve the goal of ‘Vision-2021’, this government is emphasizing on ICT sector. To keep the promise of Digital Bangladesh, various government organizations have undertaken the project of E-Governance. This project is undertaken to put weight on advancement of Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh.




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