article-2004202-02FA85610000044D-0_634x472Rabiul Islam

The government is investigating into the origin of the audio message released by the al-Qaeda to take necessary steps regarding it.

State Minister of Home Affairs Asaduzzaman Khan said this during a meeting with mobile operator officials at the secretariat on Sunday afternoon.

The audio clip released by the al-Qaeda is not considered a threat to the country, he said.

The minister said: “The al-Qaeda is provoked into action from the locality of wherever they attack but our people are with us, they do not want this kind of militancy.”

“Bangladesh has the capability to handle such a threat,” he added.

When talking about the meeting, Asaduzzaman said it was difficult to trace crimes committed over mobile phone because the subscriber’s identity modules (SIM) were not sold after proper scrutiny of the required document.

He said the government will take all necessary steps to assure that the SIM cards are sold after having the required documents verified properly.


FEBRUARY 16, 2014

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