A screen shot of the website named ‘Jihadology’        Photo- Dhaka Tribune


The audio clip (having footages of still photos) was taken from ‘alfidaa.info,’ which is hosted in Kuala Lumpur

The website named “Jihadology” that posted an audio tape of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Bangladesh is hosted at a domain located in the US.

An IT expert after a quick look at the technical information of the website said “Jihadology” had been created on August 16, 2010, but came into operation in September the same year.

According to the website, the audio clip (having footages of still photos) was taken from “alfidaa.info,” which is hosted in Kuala Lumpur.

The “Jihadology” website at the top of the page said the video message titled “Bangladesh: A Massacre behind a Wall of Silence” was presented by “As-Sahab Media.”

It was difficult to determine the official website of “As-Sahab Media.”

But according to another website named “Global Jihad,” the As-Sahab Foundation for Islamic Media Publication (The Clouds) is the media production house of the al-Qaeda. It distributes the organisation’s point of views for promoting the Global Jihad, encouraging young Muslims to identify themselves with the cause and glorifying the al-Qaeda.

It says the As-Sahab started in 2001 under Abdul Rehman al-Maghrebi, the son-in-law of Zawahiri, and with the involvement of Adam Yahiye Gadahn and Attiya Allah.

Since then, As-Sahab distributed through Arab TV networks including Aljazeera or Al-Arabia or local Pakistani TV stations the footages and audios of primarily Zawahiri, much less of Osama Bin Laden, and footages of successful attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all over the world.

The “Global Jihad” website is hosted in Germany.


FEBRUARY 17, 2014

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