Outlawed Islamist militant outfit Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh [JMB] has resurfaced to pose a major threat to law and order as the group’s 300 plus operatives, including 56 most-wanted ones, still remain out of lawmen’s reach.

The latest snatch of two death-row convicts—Bomber Mizan and Salehin—substantiates countrymen’s grave security concern regarding the guerrilla group’s rise.

According to Rapid Action Battalion, 313 JMB men, including 56 highly trained operatives, involved in deadly suicide bomb attacks and serial bombings across the country on Aug 17, 2005, are still out of the lawmen’s dragnet.

The outlaws remain absconding, constituting a major threat to country’s law and order, senior police and RAB officials observed.

The elite crime-busters arrested JMB Amir Saidur Rahman Jafar in 2010.

In the face of a tough grilling, the militant kingpin disclosed that there are over 50,000 JMB leaders and activists in the country.

The crime combatants said around 700 JMB men were accused in connection with 161 cases filed for countrywide serial bombings and other bomb blasts.

About 585 JMB men have so far been arrested. Of them, 247 were sentenced to life imprisonment, with 15 getting the death penalty, in 202 cases. As many as 118 were acquitted while 35 got freed on bail and 56 remain absconding.

Most of the militants, who went into hiding in the face of massive raids by law-enforcers, especially RAB personnel, are reportedly reorganising the group and planning more subversive attacks, intelligence sources said.

As part of their move, armed cadres of the banned group attacked the police van carrying their fellows and snatched them by killing a policeman and injuring two others in Trishal, Mymensingh, on February 23.

Of those snatched, Jahidul Islam alias Bomber Mizan, also close aide of Ataur Rahman Sunny, is expert in making powerful bombs. Sunny was one of the seven death-executed top JMB leaders.

Although four days into the spine-chilling incident have passed, law-enforcers are yet to track them down.

Police said they continue to conduct a massive hunt for the fleeing JMB operatives.

“The JMB men are collecting various sophisticated arms and ammunition from their foreign militant groups,” intelligence branches said.

Police and RAB said many activists of banned terrorist outfits like JMB and Huji recently came out of jails on bail and started organisational activities secretly.

They are planning astutely to destabilise law and order by carrying out subversive activities, the RAB official said.

“The militants have selected the congested capital city and its adjoining areas.”

Hiding their real identity, scores of militants are still staying at different parts of the capital and elsewhere, including hilly and remote areas, he added.

RAB Director (media) Wing-Cdr Habibur Rahman said, “We have already intensified our operation to arrest militant leaders and activists and recover arms and ammunition from their hideouts.”


FEBRUARY 27, 2014

daily sun

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