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The government is bent on uprooting violence, corruption and militancy to ensure good governance in the country, sources close to the government high-ups said.

The government’s move in this regard is aimed at overcoming the controversy over the last parliamentary elections. Parliamentarians, ministers and influential leaders of the incumbent and former governments will not be spared during the anti-graft drive. Several influential ministers, lawmakers of the previous grand-alliance government have already been brought under legal proceedings under the government’s efforts to curb corruption.

To influence public opinion positively, the government will gradually bring to book the offenders involved in graft and irregularities in the current and the previous tenures of the AL-led government. To intensify the drive, pending cases will be activated. The government has also adopted a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against irregularities, militancy and terrorism. The government will take tough actions against those who are directly involved in terrorism or patronizing such activities, sources said.

The government’s stringent measures will also chase the persons involved in committing violence, attacks on public vehicles, property and houses, during the fag-end of the previous government’s tenure, sources close to the high-level government officials informed.

The government wants to overcome the controversies over the election on January 5 through ensuring good governance. The government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is determined to ensure good governance along with ensuring smooth implementation of the development projects on priority basis and to maintain the consecutive development works taken in its previous term.

As part of its anti-graft move, the government started to take legal action against former Health Minister AFM Ruhul Haque, former state minister for housing and public works Abdul Mannan Khan, former state minister for water resources Md Mahbubur Rahman and some other former high-ups, who were allegedly involved in widespread corruption and irregularities.

The Anti-Corruption Corruption Commission (ACC) has already started working in this regard, sources said.

This is for the first time that any government is taking such harsh measures against its own leaders. It is an exemplary instance and positive initiative for which the prime minister has been praised by various quarters.

Legal steps will also be taken against those in the current government if found guilty of corruption. The prime minister and her office are also responded positively in this connection.

A reliable source said the government does not want to take the responsibility of the corrupt ministers, parliamentarians and secretaries. If the government doesn’t bring them to book, it will have to face the consequences. That is why a decision has been taken at the high-level of the government to bring the corrupt persons to justice.

Sources concerned informed the masterminds of the share market scam during Awami League regime in 1996 will also be brought to book and none will be spared. The government is also taking initiatives to eliminate the militancy through resolving all the militancy-related cases as those cases are pending for a long time. The government is also advancing to finish the cases filed for 21 August grenade attacks within the quickest possible time.

BNP-Jamaat leaders and activists committed violence in 19 districts and more than 50 upazilas prior to the January 5 election. The violence include uprooting trees beside the streets, uprooting rail lines, attacks on minority people and arson attacks on vehicles and common people. All the miscreants involved in those incidents will be brought to justice, sources in the high-level of the government said.

Against the backdrop, mass awareness will be raised involving field-level administration, local government representatives and filed-level leaders and activist of the ruling party so to ensure good governance, curb irregularities and corruption and to continue the trend of development


MARCH 12, 2014


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