One of the founding fathers of the United States and in many ways the first ‘American’ Benjamin Franklin once said: “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

Ignorance is not bliss, knowledge is power. But for some unknown reason, people who you expect would be responsible about their comments shock you the most with their ignorance.

It is ridiculous how the West, without a proper understanding of the term, calls everything against Israel anti-Semitism.

If someone is ignorant, he doesn’t have any right to take a position of responsibility. Unfortunately these days, the people in power are the most ignorant about what’s happening around the world yet has the audacity to force their opinion down others’ throats. They should apply their common sense and should really refrain from making comments on an issue without understanding the complexity and sensitivity of it.

It is ridiculous how the West, without a proper understanding of the term, calls everything against Israel and Zionism anti-Semitism. Jewish author Norman Finkelstein who is often accused of anti-Semitism wrote in his book Beyond Chutzpah—

“Whenever Israel faces a public relations debacle its apologists sound the alarm that a “new anti-Semitism” is upon us.”

American linguist and commentator Noam Chomsky has been accused of anti-Semitism, too. Of all people, Noam Chomsky, are you serious? claimed in an article published on 26 February 2013—

“He (Chomsky) is one of the most violent anti-Semites around today He speaks at college campuses throughout the world and spreads anti-Semitic messages to students. The hardest thing about combating Chomsky’s messages is that he is Jewish, and he denies his messages are rooted in anti-Semitism, even when he stands up for Holocaust deniers, supports terrorism, and praises genocides. “

Whoever has read or listened to Noam Chomsky will immediately tell you that­­—

1) He speaks against terrorism and

2) He strongly condemns genocides.

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to understand the reason why Chomsky makes all the American war-mongering politicians and Zionist lobby uncomfortable. At the same time, it clearly explains away why he is so ‘anti-Semite’ according to them.

For one thing, he strongly talks against state-terrorism, something which Israel has been involved in since time immemorial. Secondly, he has condemned the war-mongering US policy from the very outset.

He is anti-Semitic because he doesn’t like the killing of innocent people in Palestine and robbing them off their land and kicking them out of their own land. He is anti-Semitic because unlike the Zionists he has some humanity in him. Even though he is a self-professed agnostic, he is someone who has been true to his Jewish background by being a supporter of justice and truth.

If that is anti-Semitism then I am sure Professor Chomsky would happily accept all that the Zionists say about him.

One understands when the pro-establishment Jews, really the Zionists, are busy with character assassination of those who are potential threats to Israel, but the last person you would expect to comment about anti-Semitism would be someone who has no understanding of the Arab-Jew history.

To the surprise of many and to the joy of a few, UN Secretary-general Ban ki Moon called the march against the genocide in Gaza ‘anti-Semitic’ attacks. What is anti-Semitism? Do you even know the definition?

Anti-Semitism is a racial slur against the Semites. First off, no one should have anything against the Semites for being Semites. And really the Palestinian people don’t have anything against the Jews for being Jews. They simply want to remove the outsiders from their land, be they Christians, Jews or Muslims.

Muslims and Jews have lived in that same land for decades in harmony. If anti-Semitism were an issue, do you think co-existence of these two religions would be possible? And it is hilarious to call it an issue anyway because who would be anti-Semitic here? Because if you are an anti-Semite, you are attacking your own people!

Either you don’t know the definition of anti-Semitism or you purposefully pretend to be unaware of it.

Arabs are Semites themselves. And when the likes of John Voight, actor Angelina Jolie’s father, attack actor Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem, for standing with Gaza; it clearly shows they don’t know what they are talking about.


AUGUST 17, 2014


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