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Bangladeshis had sent almost US $300,000 in private donations to the victims of the Palestine conflict

“I lost a cousin in the unrest. It is painful to get news like this while I am away from my family,” a teary-eyed Palestinian student in Dhaka said.

The speaker, Salim, who is studying in Dhaka, was addressing a seminar organized by Ghatok Dalal Nirmul Committee yesterday at the Engineer’s Institute in the capital.

The seminar on “Genocide in Besieged Palestine: Bangladesh and World Conscience” was attended by civil society leaders and government representatives.

The Palestine Ambassador Saher Muhammad drew cheers as he spoke. He said: “The way Bangladeshi people protested from day one was beyond our expectations. We have seen major world leaders remain passive about the massacre, but Bangladeshis from different walks of life protested the Israeli military attacks and joined in efforts to support the victims of Gaza. That is amazing.”

He confirmed that Bangladeshis had sent almost US $300,000 in private donations to the victims of the Palestine conflict.

Foreign Minister Abul Hasan Mahmud Ali said the Palestine conflict had definitely produced a war crimes situation and Bangladesh was ready to help in this regard especially because Bangladesh had been successful in bringing war criminals to trial. He said Bangladesh would support efforts by Palestine at international fora to investigate alleged war crimes and to press for war criminals to be tried.

War crimes tribunal prosecutor, barrister Turin Afroze, said there were no limitations to Palestine seeking redress at the International Criminal Court because it was an ad hoc member of the ICC. Palestine can go to court over claims of genocide according to the Rome Statute and the provisions of article 13 of the ICC, she said.

Acting president of the host organization, columnist Shahriar Kabir, said in 1971 Bangladesh had refused Israel’s support and did not recognise the state because of the occupation of Palestine.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman once promised that he would send freedom fighters to assist the Palestinian people to gain their ultimate freedom, the former vice chancellor of Jahangirnagar University, Professor Anwer Hossain, said.

Islamic political parties in Bangladesh and popular international human rights organizations were just puppets of their financiers, Professor Muntasir Mamun told the audience, saying that was why they were silent on both the Gaza conflict and war crimes in Bangladesh during the Liberation War in 1971


AUGUST 18, 2014


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