He also praises her for raising voice against US role


Palestinian Ambassador in Dhaka Shaher Mohammad on Sunday highly appreciated Bangladesh Prime Minister’s bold stance over Gaza issue and raising her voice against the United States for supporting Israel.

“I want to tell you something which nobody can do it in an Eid day. The great Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked me about the situation in Gaza. She said we don’t blame Israel, we blame America,” the envoy told a function in the city.

He said US Ambassador Dan Mozena was beside him when he was briefing the Prime Minister about Gaza.

Quoting Hasina, the diplomat said they (Bangladeshis) blame America because they support Israel which was opposed by the US envoy saying ‘no no.’

“Then the Prime Minister said, yes, this is the truth, we don’t blame Israel, we blame the great supporters of Israel,” Shaher Mohammad quoted the Prime Minister as saying.

He also mentioned that they (US) sent all kinds of military equipment during the war in Gaza against the people of Palestine.

Appreciating Hasina’s stance, the diplomat said, “You can’t find a leader in the world who directly speak up against America in such way who mentioned you’re (US) the great supporter of Israel.”

The Palestine envoy said from the first day since the Israel aggression against the Palestinians Bangladeshi brothers were seen putting embassy numbers on Facebook, tweeter and other social media platforms seeking donation to help people in Palestine.

“The embassy was closed on Saturday, yet, I received hundreds of phone calls by whom those wanted to donate,” he added.

The diplomat said people from various walks of life here in Bangladesh till today donated US$ 300,000 while many wanted to send medicines, clothes and foods.

He mentioned that every day he saw media reports on demonstrations, human chains and other protest programmes against the Israeli aggression.

The envoy said they would be able to defeat their enemies if their brothers from Arab countries could come forward like the people of Bangladesh.

Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali was the chief at the seminar, titled ‘Genocide in Besieged Palestine: Bangladesh and World Conscience’ held at the seminar hall of Engineers Institution, Bangladesh in the city.

The Palestine envoy talked to the media about it on his own after the function inviting the journalists saying that he had something to share with them.

Shariar Kabir and Prof Muntassir Mamoon, among others, spoke on the occasion.


AUGUST 17, 2014


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