48_RiceHarvest BANGLADESH – Harvesting of the 2014 Aman season rice crop is expected to start in early November and continue until mid-December.

Overall, rainfall between June and mid-October has been near-average over the main rice-producing areas benefiting sowing activities and crop development.

However, heavy rains during the second dekad of August over northwestern and northeastern parts of the country, coupled with onrush of water from upstream in India led to localized floods, resulting in some crop losses in some areas.

In spite of this, the overall damage to the 2014 Aman season paddy crop is expected to be minimal. As a result, FAO’s preliminary forecast for this season stands at 19.7 million tonnes, slightly above last year’s same season bumper crop.

This reflects an increase in the area planted, in response to high prices at sowing time, coupled with higher yields due to the good rains during the season and increased use of improved seeds.

Under current expectations, FAO tentatively forecasts the 2014 aggregate rice production (including Aus, the ongoing Aman and forthcoming Boro seasons) at 52.5 million tonnes, up 2 per cent from the 2013 output.

On average, Aus, Aman and Boro seasons account for 7, 38 and 55 per cent, respectively, of annual paddy production.

Harvesting of the 2014 maize crop in nearing completion. FAO’s latest forecast points to a maize crop of 2.3 million tonnes, slightly above last year’s record output.

FAO’s estimates the 2014 mostly irrigated small wheat crop, harvested by April, at 2 per cent from last year’s good level to 1.4 million tonnes.


NOVEMBER 04, 2014



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