30527917The nation observed the Martyred Intellectuals Day on December 14 as much with a deep sense of loss as with the rekindling of the spirit that went into the making of Bangladesh.

The defeated cohorts of the Pakistani military knew very well that the most effective way of crippling the nation that was about to be born was to liquidate its best sons. So, some brilliant teachers of Dhaka University– where almost all the progressive movements in the history of the country had been initiated – were targeted.

1470393_558290884246234_1973904900_nThe killers of the infamous Al-Badr wanted to deprive the nation of the services of the intellectuals who represented the core values that the emerging nation stood for. True, the killers succeeded in physically eliminating the top intellectuals, but their ideas and beliefs still inspire the nation to remain on the right track. The martyrs of December 14 will ever shine brightly in our memories.

The killers have clearly been defeated. The nation has rejected obscurantism and religious extremism. It is a very positive development that those who perpetrated the crimes against humanity are now facing trial, at least some of them. Justice delayed is not always justice denied! The nation is looking forward to the day when all the killers of the intellectuals will be tried.

It is a bit disquieting to watch some people questioning the rationale behind this delayed trial of the war criminals. They must not forget that the crimes committed in 1971 against the people of this country cannot be condoned. We cannot forget and forgive the criminals responsible for one of the worst genocides in recorded history.

The intellectuals were killed as part of an evil design which was finally foiled by our victory 48 hours later. The best way to pay homage to the martyrs is to make sincere efforts to translate their dreams into reality.

They had a dream of a progressive and exploitation-free society where nobody would be discriminated against. Also they were the torch bearers of the spirit of Bengali nationalism that set the entire nation on a warpath in 1971 to win our freedom. So, let us live up to their expectations in perpetuity. Let us not remember on a particular day only the men and women whose keenness of intellect and the power of conviction gave them a very special place in society. The day of remembrance should always be a part of our consciousness and existence.


DECEMBER 15,  2014


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