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Son testifies at tribunal…

Martyred journalist Selina Parvin’s son Sunday testified that alleged Al-Badr leader Chowdhury Mueen Uddin and his associates had abducted her mother from their residence on December 13, 1971.


Shumon Zahid, also the third prosecution witness in the war crimes case against “absconding” Mueen and Ashrafuzzaman Khan, told the International Crimes Tribunal-2 that Mueen Uddin and Ashraf were also involved with the abduction and killing of other intellectuals at the fag end of the country’s Liberation War.

Both the war crimes suspects have been facing 11 charges for their alleged involvement in the killing of 18 intellectuals during the war of independence of the country.

Mueen Uddin is believed to be in UK while Ashrafuzzaman in USA.

infographic-Muneer-Ashraf-news-71V2Shumon portrayed a vivid picture of his mother’s abduction during his testimony in the case.

The son of the martyred journalist also appealed to the three-member tribunal led by its Chairman Justice Obaidul Hassan for justice.

The tribunal adjourned the case proceeding until Monday when Shumon will face further cross-examination.

Before adjournment, state-appointed counsel Abdus Shukur Khan cross-examined him.


JULY 21, 2013


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