The outgoing US ambassador in Dhaka on Thursday said that the US-Bangladesh relations are ‘better, wider, and deeper’ now.

Dan Mozena made the observation while paying a farewell call on Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali on Thursday, the foreign ministry said.

He will leave Dhaka shortly as his successor has been confirmed by the US Senate.
Mozena appreciated the leadership of the foreign minister during the visit.

He referred to the ‘successful’ completion of the third Bangladesh-US partnership dialogue and wished that the first bilateral visit of the foreign minister to Washington would be held soon.

Mozena also recalled his visits to all Bangladesh’s districts during his tenure and said he would continue narrating the story of Bangladesh’s richness to the American people.

He said Bangladesh was ‘a very rich country with richness of culture and resilience and innovativeness of people’.


DECEMBER 18, 2014



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