The countrywide blockade has already turned out to be very costly in terms of both human lives and property. As details emerge from the violence-hit areas, it is pretty much clear that the opposition activists are committing horrendous crimes against innocent people. The opposition’s blockade, though a highly undemocratic exercise, has been going on for a week, making it difficult for the daily wage earners to survive.

Worse still, they are coming under attack in various places. The blockaders are setting vehicles on fire without caring for the passengers and drivers who are getting badly burnt. It has been reported that a young truck driver finally succumbed to his injuries on Sunday. Another driver lost both of his hands when a bomb was hurled into his vehicle three days back. Why this barbarity?

10896894_321945457995319_41653024802443817_nEven the movement of perishables is being obstructed violently by the opposition supporters. All this is happening because the opposition wants the government to accept their seven-point demand. The so called movement has assumed the character of a guerilla warfare as the attackers are relying on the hit-and-run tactics. But the point is who are they fighting against? The obvious answer is quite disturbing. They are using our common people as human pawns having very little value in their war against the government.

The political leaders should look back to discover the most inspiring examples set by their predecessors in the distant past. The leaders used to offer their own lives as the guarantee for peace and fulfillment of people’s aspirations. But today the political leaders are shying away from processions and rallies. They are more worried about their own wellbeing than anything else.

This is negative politics at its worst. No party should ever rely on bloodletting for attaining its political objectives. They are treating the whole country as a battlefield where the law is silent or ineffectual. They are abusing their democratic right to call hartal. Democracy does not permit such wanton violence.

The government is apparently determined to face the opposition head-on. However, the decision makers must prevent loss of lives which is a sad reflection on their ability to keep the situation under control. Politics of bloodletting must come to and end immediately.

The opposition wants a dialogue that will pave the way for a free and inclusive election. But nothing will appeal to the masses until they stop committing diabolical crimes. The opposition leaders can ill afford to ignore that it is the people, not the government, who will determine the course of politics. The killers and arsonists must be brought to justice and meted out exemplary punishment.


JANUARY 13,  2015 



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  1. Enayet Mowla says:

    Why not security guards with automatic weapons in every bus with, clear order to use those? It is either the passengers or the attackers, aren’t they?


  2. Enayet Mowla says:

    I am aware that the comment I gave earlier is too harsh, but when a crowd with firebombs stop a bus with passengers, the Security Guards have two choices. Either ignore the the attackers allowing them to throw their bombs in the bus, or to shoot the attackers to save the passengers.
    There is no third choice, is there?


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