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BNP and its allies have so far failed to present any economic agenda to the nation, let alone any road map to improve further the economic and social condition of the country. Their only agenda appears to be political and that is only how to come to power. They are vocal about democracy, but how democratic were they in their last tenure? The nation has not forgotten their association with those elements who were (and still are) not only anti-liberation but also openly involved in terrorist activities. Unless and until BNP promises a better governance than Awami League and disowns the religious extremists, people have no reason to heed their call for democracy.

On the other hand, there is no gainsaying the fact that Awami League deserves criticism for many of its omissions. However, AL-led government must be given credit for achieving successes in the economic and social arena, particularly those relating to power generation, trade and commerce including exports, rural health and so on. However, the people at large are not that unhappy. They are busy in their own job and are hardly moved by whatever is talked in the talk- shows or written in the media.


DECEMBER 29, 2014


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  1. Enayet Mowla says:

    It seems that every political party in Bangladesh and every individual in the parties want now Democracy and nothing else. It is good to know the political awareness but Democracy does not drop from the heavens. It comes automatically to the people when they are fit to have it. Only a year ago we saw processions and slogans shouting and demanding Islamic Law, denouncing the government. They wanted Islamic Law but I don’t know if Islamic Law or any other kind of law can help the people to get Democracy. Now they want democracy, a democracy where there will be no security, no police men, no armed guards where people can easily set fire to locked buses and keep the people hungry.
    My be there is something I do not understand. May be I am getting old.


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