Palestinian_boy_Israeli_tankEhsan Abdullah

The world is drifting towards a catastrophe. The spirit of war is risen in the human soul. After the end of the most modern wars, there will be no family left without loss of a loved one. It must be known, that today fights more people in more fronts, than in the second world war in all.

This is only the beginning

imagesThe world stands before an amazing jump of evolution, this is prevented currently only the zionist’s point of view, and the politicians following them.

The future of humanity in placed on the hands of nations and individuals, who dare to fight.

If, and only if, the humanity is able to defeat evil, we will gain a thousands of years of justice, in this thousand year period humanity will conquer the known universe. Humanity will receive so incredible power and wealth, which we can only imagine today, the freed human mind will provide the technology and inventions for it.

green_resistance-20120113This can only be achieved, if humanity’s morality is solid, and colonies and settlements light years far from each other, working and operating on based on the same principles and laws.

To achieve this, we must liquidate the power of evil, the effect that evil has on man, so the forthcoming centuries will serve prosperity and love to each other. If the zionism prevails in this fight, humanity’s fate is sealed. Evils ultimate goal in this world is to destroy mankind, not just to lure it into sin, we shall never forget this. Evil wishes to take down God’s plan, not just to sabotage it.

our-victoryMankinds greatest threat of ages is here. This is our personal ice age. We prevail, or our sons and grandchildren will have no future. They will have a demolished earth with no natural resources left, with a slowly dying ecosystem. They will live a life, which contains only burying the dead, one after one, until the last remained survivor will tell the epic failure of humanity unburied.

Our mission is not a negligible one, but we are out of options. Every individual, who supports the zionist world, is no other than the killer of our children.

We must fight, this is our faith

MXNo matter what the head of the christian church or muslim cleric says, we fight. We don’t care how he addresses the jews as “the elder brothers of the christians” and muslims, we just don’t. These adjective phrases from the perspective of mankind, means nothing. Just words from the last usurper of a dying church. Few can see this through yet. Blind or sleeping? No, they just not yet stepped over their boundaries of selfishness and pettiness forced to them by the enslavers.

gazaThousands everyday face death, without fear, and the fight and die. No matter the flag they serve, or the faith they believe in. They do it for us, for the future of mankind. This is only about surviving, to see the next day.

The world as is right now is determined to fall. Not the language, nor the trade lines, nor the simple connections were enough to bind humanity together.

3855_1Since all positive connecting force and upright is demolished or will be destroyed soon. Love, honour, altruism, perseverance, morality, trust, hope, belief – these all together would be the ORDER itself.

These uprights are down the line. They will be replaced by one thing: profit. More like extra profit. The money based thinking of the zionists is not planned. It comes from their very being. This is not else, that the mark of Satan. this is the way, how the zionism serves the Great Evil. The one they call profit, it is no other than the Fallen Angel itself.

Every human being, whose ultimate goal is profit, is Satan’s servant. The Evil does not wishes else, than destroy God’s creation, the world itself.

Why does God not intervene? He did. He sent prophets one after one among the jews, to want them about they behaviour which is close to Satan. Nor the jews, nor the non-jews were not listen.

God’s only possibility is to reset the process after mankind had lost the last war.

Recreate humanity

41ZV73iHa5L._SL500_The profit based thinking of zionism is the very thing, that keeps people poor and hungry. This thinking invented chemtrail, they dropped the first nuke, they judged the world into slow death by using chemicals in agriculture. They spray diseases, so you must buy the medicine. Profit is the thing, that used already the half of the worlds natural resources, wasted it into wealth based societies, like the USA, so our grandchildren will have nothing left.

This sick way of thinking via cults, like holocaust, gaysupporters, discolovers, liberalists – just to mention a few – rotted the human brain already. these cults already made a huge percentage of the population to behave like animals. The debauched society falls apart, because there are no pillars of good left. Zion knows that this is bad, and they are sitting on a train, that goes nowhere, but they genes coded like this, they can not – and have no will to change – behave other.

Is there a cure? Yes, there is. The only cure is what God added to our genes: self defense. We just have to let it wake up. This is already happening. More and more people are waken up: the future belongs to those, and only to those, who dare to fight.

Spirit of the war is awakened

Humanity’s immune system is working. Profit attacks this immune system through the desires of people. The tyrant needs obeying creatures, who already gave up everything, including themselves. Bio Slaves, zombies. They accept starvation wages, they bow to everything, they are mindless.

f651a4eb4542a23bb340b26671f7b760.666x666x1Great percentage of mankind sees the end to get closer every day, but they unable to act because the lack of will. They try to hide out in their holes. But this storm will find them there. No escape.

There is an existing example: our ancestors went into the battlefields instead of hiding in holes. They knew very well, that if the end is coming, it is better to die as a man, defending everything what is holy – family, loved ones, home, nation, homeland.

The spirit of the war is awakened. The last part of the immune system is working. It has no total control yet, but it is already working.

A valuable proof is the self defense of the syrian people. Yes, there is endurance and moral. We can check the case of turks, people of Iraq, southern european countries, and hungarians. The spirit of war is definitely opening its eyes.

Since the world fights for its very existence, this will be the one total war. If we do not fall, this will lead us to the new, livable future


JANUARY 31, 2015


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