‘WAIT TILL 2019’

‘WAIT TILL 2019’

Wait-till-2019Courier Report

Emphasising that government will complete its full term, Awami League leaders urged BNP to wait until 2019 for dialogue to improve the election system if the party believes in democracy.

“The government will continue up to its full term that is up to 2019. If you believe in democracy then you got to wait and then start discussion through normal forum and normal discussing channels about how to improve the system,” said Prime Minister’s political adviser HT Imam addressing launching ceremony of a book of Prime Minister’s Economic Affairs Adviser Dr Mashiur Rahman in the city.

The book titled ‘Constitutional Democracy: Not Death Squads Again’ was launched at Kabi Sufia Kamal Auditorium of the National Museum.

Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Water Resources Minister Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, former chief justice ABM Khairul Haque, National Human Rights Commission Chairman Dr Mizanur Rahman, Barrister Amirul Islam, National University Vice-Chancellor Prof Harun-Or Rashid, and Professor Rawnak Jahan spoke on the occasion, while Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Pankaj Saran was present.

HT Imam said January 5 last year was indeed a question of survival of the state of Bangladesh. “We had to hold it, because if we don’t hold it, the forces of darkness take over who will be beneficiaries.”

shirin-pic1The resumption of violence following January 5 this year is unexpected and there is no logic as the present parliament and present government got solid supports internationally and Bangladesh won CPA Chairperson and IPU President. The pattern of the attacks this time is that the attackers are much more educated, they have better weapons and they have better connections internationally, he said.

Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury said all problems should be dissolved following the constitution in a democratic system. “Within constitution, only constitutional democracy can prevail and thrive.”

Dr Mashiur Rahman said his book focused that there is no scope of much-debated unelected government system in other constitutional democracies like Germany and France. In other constitutional democracies, elected governments run the state during the election, he said.


 JANUARY 29, 2015


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1 Response to ‘WAIT TILL 2019’

  1. Enayet Mowla says:

    Not being a political man at times I do not understand what is happening and why. Neither can I understand why Awami League does not agree to have another election right now. After the way
    they have been treated so far I doubt very much if they can win an election in near future.


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