Sectors Commanders Forum-Liberation War’71 on Saturday called upon BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to stop violence and killing people in firebombs in the name of blockade of road, railways and waterways.

The SCF leaders came up with the call while addressing a human chain to protest the spate of violence that began after former prime minister Khaleda Zia began a non-stop transport blockade on January 5 as she was prevented to join a rally on the first anniversary of an election she had boycotted in 2014.

The forum organized the human chain in front of National Press Club in Dhaka.

Sector-Commander-forum_01_newsnextbdLt Col (retd) Abu Osman Chowdhury, commander of sector-8 during Bangladesh’s 1971 liberation war, urged Khaleda Zia to stop violence immediately.

“Stop violence immediately. Otherwise, young people will resist you,” he said asking Khaleda Zia to hold talks with the government after delinking ties with Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami.

Addressing the crowd, former army chief M Harun-or-Rashid (Bir Protik) said that government would be changed through smooth democratic process, not in the face of violence.

“We don’t want to see violence in our country like Pakistan or Afghanistan. We ask BNP to stop violence immediately,” he added.

24D0CBD800000578-2915354-image-a-8_1421609865507Prof Anwar Hossain, former Vice-Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University, said that Khaleda Zia was yet to respond in the repeated calls of conscious people to stop violence.

Former state minister for home Shamshul Haque Tuku alleged that Khaleda was carrying out violence in a pre-planned way.

“They had done almost the similar things in 1971 what BNP-Jamaat is doing now in the name of religion,” Tuku said.

SCF secretary general Harun Habib and vice-president Mohiuddin Ahmed, freedom fighter Maj Jiauddin Ahmed, journalist Safikur Rahman, rights activist Rana Das Gupta, among others, addressed.


JANUARY 24, 2015


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  1. Enayet Mowla says:

    First and foremost job for Khaleda should be to “delink ties” with the only party in Bangladesh that had virtually no contribution in the independence of Bangladesh. In fact, they were against it always. We shall welcome her to join others to stop violence and participate in the nation building program.


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