8f991ab844ce1f5fb4d9b82e407140f5Our homeland will deliver Bangladesh instrument in this country within the allocated loan billion dollars. According to RIA Announces Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Alexander Fomin, the nomenclature of the contract has not yet made up, but Bangladesh the main interest in armored vehicles BTR-80.

BTR-82A_wheeled_armoured_vehicle_personnel_carrier_Russia_Russian_army_002Agreement on the billion-dollar loan for the purchase of arms Our homeland and Bangladesh signed on January 15 after talks with President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. It was reported that Bangladesh plans purchase equipment for land forces, air defense systems and helicopters Mi-17.

btr80_9_588BTR-80, received by the mass creation in 1984, has since been modified many times and is a major Russian armored personnel carrier of the armed forces and some former Soviet republics. In total, the car use the military in 20 countries with excessive. The latest modification of the APC — BTR-82A.


NOVEMBER 21, 2014


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