ArmyStaff Correspondent,

The Bangladesh military’s Inter Service Public Relations Directorate (ISPR) has said the Armed Forces are loyal to the Constitution and the law.

It issued a media statement on Sunday to say that some ‘speculative and false’ news has recently been spread about the Armed Forces amid the ongoing political unrest.

It said such news was ‘unwanted and could create confusion among people’.

“The Armed Forces is a patriotic organisation that is totally respectful to the country’s Constitution and laws,” ISPR said.

It urged the media to be ‘careful’ while publishing news on or related to the Armed Forces.

Some quarters have expressed concern that the military may seize power as Bangladesh is suffering due to the sabotages and violence that took place during the programmes carried out by the BNP and its allies.

The BNP-led 20-Party alliance has been enforcing a series of programmes to bring down ruling Awami League after it came to power for a second consecutive term through the 2014 general election.

The alliance, demanding a snap election under a ‘nonpartisan’ administration, is enforcing a violent nonstop nationwide transport blockade since Jan 5 which has already claimed more than 50 lives.

Bangladesh’s Armed Forces has a history of interfering in politics. The military had intervened in 2007 amid unrest when the two major political parties were battling to come to power.

However, the Awami League-led government through the 15th Amendment to the Constitution in its last term had repealed the caretaker government system and ensured that no one can occupy power in an unconstitutional way.

Addressing Parliament on Feb 4, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ruled out any chances of declaring a state of emergency.

She had also said the 15th Amendment included a provision of capital punishment for usurping power.


FEBRUARY 08, 2015


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