bus fire_208Senior Correspondent,

India wants Bangladesh to resolve its own political crisis by itself.

“It is not for the government of India to make any judgment on that,” Indian external affairs spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said on Thursday.

“All we do is we wish Bangladesh, its government and people all the very best, and hope that they resolve their issues themselves”, he told a press briefing.

The BNP-sponsored blockade has unleashed a wave of deadly violence throughout Bangladesh for more than a month.

It all began on Jan 5, marking the first anniversary of the 10th parliamentary elections that BNP and its allies boycotted.

The US deplored the bus bombings, train derailments, and death by severe burns in strongest possible terms. It said there is “simply no justification” for such actions in a democratic Bangladesh.

The UK also expressed its concern over the violence.

Neighbouring India says it had always been their view that “it is for the people of Bangladesh to resolve internal issues themselves”.

India’s policy is not “to intervene in matters which are essentially domestic in nature”.


FEBRUARY 06, 2015


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