usa-bangladeshSenior Correspondent,

Deploring bus bombings, train derailments and death by severe burns, the US says there is “simply no justification” for such actions in a democratic Bangladesh.

In a statement the State Department says the US is “gravely concerned” at the ongoing unrest and violence in Bangladesh.

55_Fire_Bus_Shahbagh_Belal+Paribahan_10012015_00+(4)_54b4029e07cd5Deputy State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf said: “We deplore the unconscionable attacks including bus burnings, throwing incendiary devices, and train derailments that have killed and wounded innocent victims”.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the use of violence for political objectives.

“There is simply no justification for such actions in a democratic Bangladesh,” she said.

She said all Bangladeshis “must have the right and the ability to express their views peacefully”.

The US called on the government “to provide the necessary space for peaceful political activity, and for all parties to instruct their members to refrain from violence”.

The ongoing BNP-sponsored blockade spewing a wave of deadly violence throughout Bangladesh began on Jan 5, marking the first anniversary of the 10th parliamentary poll.

More than 50 people have been killed in arson attacks on vehicles.

The BNP is demanding a snap general election after it boycotted the last year’s elections.

A prolonged general strike the party and its partners enforced over the past few days also forced government to reschedule the SSC examinations that were supposed to begin on Feb 2.

The UK also expressed “concern and sadness” over the loss of lives and injuries caused in the ongoing violence.

British High Commissioner in Dhaka Robert Gibson in a statement on Thursday also regretted “detrimental effect” of the violence on children’s education and Bangladesh’s economy.


FEBRUARY 08, 2015


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  1. Enayet Mowla says:

    Khaleda Begum, in one of her careless moments, allowed the bird of chances to fly out of her hands on 5th of January last year. She is desperate now to catch it back but, may be disliking her smelly grasp, the bird keeps out of her reach. What is she going to do now? Shoot it? Ignore it?-or try to burn it with a fire bomb? US embassy has already lodged a protest,next time another protest will come probably from the UN.


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