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Hopefully now the residents of this mega super-city, will have two capable, dynamic, result oriented drivers in the drivers seat. And with the support of the ruling party, we can surely hope for a Clean, Modern, Planned, Safe and a Beautiful City.

back-20150420-RajibDhar-7392Regarding the BNP supported candidates pulling off the much expected Stunt, firstly, my sympathies for the candidates, maybe they started believing in the role that was given to them by the Madam and her Prince Charming in UK, the role which was supposed to end by the election day morning.

Secondly, Mayor election is not Party Centric, yes every party member of any party can back there own candidates, as they are also resident of the city. But the stunt was pulled simultaneously in Dhaka and Chittagong by the BNP central command in BNP’s head-office, what does that say !!! It is quite apparent that everything was planned well before hand to stir up yet another issue to put some form of life to there miserably failed 90 day long Vandalism and Anarchic Movement. Isn’t it obvious !!

Mehedi-Hasan-17And Finally, anyone with basic common sense, understood there sinister agenda, when they decided to back Tabith Awal and Mirza Abbas, against seasoned, experienced, renowned heavyweights like Mr. Anisul Huq and Sayeed Khokon. 

Tabith Awal with all due respect to him, is a gentleman and holds great potential to be in a place like Mr. Anisul Huq, if he follows in the footsteps of Mr. Anis, paying the dues which surely Mr. Anis paid in his long, elaborated, challenging and a dynamic career.

dhakanorth20150428201617Now, How can BNP, being the second largest political party in the country, having the experience of being in the helm of State power twice before, make such a foolish, absurd, careless choice?? There are many seasoned, experienced campaigners in BNP camp, who could have matched Mr. Anisul Huq’s portfolio of fortes, pound by pound, would have given Mr. Anisul a run for the money in terms of experience, but, they chose a person by virtue of ___ ??? What? His last name? Is that good enough credentials to vie for the position to run a city of almost 25 million people ( Greater Population than many countries of the world).

9_497653So, giving BNP the benefit of doubt, that they are not that RECKLESS AND STUPID, I believe this whole thing was setup from the beginning, to give there clinically dead anti- government movement the last bit of oxygen, hoping it would revive. Mr. Awal was just played as a patsy, though I give him credit, he showed grace, his choice of words were un-bnp like, he is a well educated, intelligent gentleman, surely the nation expects a lot from such potential next generation leaders to fully blossom and contribute towards achieving a prosperous future which we dream off, surely he can be another Anisul Huq, with time, dedication and experience.

AbbasNow, Coming to Dhaka South, well well, wasn’t that the ‘theatre of the absurd’, only possible by BNP. Again, who was the candidate!! Is he alive? is he mentally stable? Is he in the country? Is he Deaf and dumb? Does he have two legs? HE IS MIA.. Why is he running again? Well yeah, we know that he was an ex mayor, with horrible record of money laundering, land grabbing and extortion. Yet he is running again?? And BNP ENDORSES HIM ???  Anyways, maybe he has some kind of magic this time around, to change Dhaka City overnight !! Maybe he found Aladdin’s lamp, and thats his platform, his Manifesto, change Dhaka overnight to be like New York. Other than a miracle promised, or a magic lamp.. Is he taking a piss on our collective memory, or is he just mocking our constitution, our country, our city and eventually us !! A convicted felon, running for the same office where he stole from last time and got caught, yet THE ARROGANT AUDACITY should put all of us to shame.. wait… the absurdity and mockery doesn’t end there. He is MIA, and his jeanie from the lamp, his wife is running the whole show, she looks like good campaigner, maybe she should go for it. But I give credit to his manhood, he shows real courage and integrity, when he sends his wife in the front lines to do his battle. Bravo..

front_1_88186What a Freak show… 

And regarding Chittagong, thats the final nail in the coffin of there stupidity. BNP backed candidate actually was favoured to win the CTG race, only if he was not forced to withdraw from the election 3 hours after the polling started. In dismay he also announced his retirement from politics. Thats sad.. he did run a hectic, competitive campaign, and he also had good a good chance of winning, so one can understand his heartache, my sympathies..

mayorsAnd now that we finally have the BNPs ritual of mocking everything thats is Bangladesh, everything that is right, we can move on to real things, real issues, that matters, and hopefully the two new City Bosses will make it matter for the better.


APRIL 29, 2015
Ehsan Abdullah is an aware cititzen


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