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Massive disaster management scheme of Tk 1,390cr on cards..

The government is going to implement an umbrella project to strengthen capacity of government agencies to efficiently and effectively respond to emergency incidents in Dhaka and Sylhet. A proposal for ‘Urban Resilience Project (URP)’ to be implemented during July 2015 to June 2020 period with World Bank financing is now being scrutinised at the Planning Commission, official sources said.

“As an earthquake-prone area, Bangladesh requires such a project to enhance its natural disaster management capacity alongside reducing earthquake risks,” said a Planning Commission official involved with the scrutiny.

Besides enhancing institutional capacity, the Tk 1,390 crore proposed umbrella project, having four major components, eyes to improve quality of construction in Dhaka and Sylhet.

A meeting of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) has already been held on the massive scheme to table it before the meeting of the highest policy body Ecnec for final approval, sources said. Official sources said Economic Relations Division (ERD) had sent a proposal to Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) of the World Bank in December 2011 for the project.

disastermanagement_10631In view of that, the WB conducted a pre-investment study on the proposal through appointing an international consultation firm which recommended for undertaking an investment project. To make the recommendation, the consultation firm considered issues like effectively responding to urban disasters, reinforce existing infrastructure and ensure resilience construction, sources said. Out of the project’s estimated cost, the WB is supposed to provide Tk 1,332 crore or $173 million, while the government has to bear the rest of Tk 58 crore.

Six different agencies will implement the four components of the project which are: reinforcing the country’s emergency management response capacity; vulnerability assessment of critical and essential facilities; improved construction, urban planning and development; and project coordination, monitoring and evaluation. Two separate projects have been designed to implement the first component at a total cost of Tk 877 crore. Of them, one will be implemented by Department of Disaster

Management at a cost of Tk 126.20 crore, and the other by Dhaka North City Corporation involving Tk 750.80 crore. A sub-project has been undertaken to complete the second and the third components. Rajuk is entrusted with completing it at a cost of Tk 433 crore. Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU) of the Programming Division of the Planning Commission will implement the fourth component at a cost of Tk 80 crore.


APRIL 27, 2015

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