‘Pilot is burnt alive in IS cage’ -a news was published last Wednesday on 4th February in a London newspaper with this banner headline. The news was published along with the picture of the young Muslim pilot and his weeping wife and sister. I have hardly finished this news when I found there was another news of IS atrocity. A blindfolded man is made to sit in a plastic chair before he is hurled from a tower block by Islamic State terrorists claiming the man was gay.

The unfortunate man survived the fall from almost 7 stories up. He was severely wounded but immediately surrounded by an IS mob and beaten and stoned to death in the Syrian town Tal Abyad, near Raqqa. The murdered Pilot was a young man of 26 years only and the other man was 50 years old.

The London Daily reported, “The terrorist group released a video of Mu’aath-al-Kaseasbeh, the young Jordanian pilot being locked in a cage, wearing an orange jumpsuit that was doused in petrol. The killers lit a trail of fuel leading to the cage and the beaten and bruised Jordanian vanished in a fire ball when the flame reached him. He was captured when his plane crashed in the Syrian territory recently.

The terrorist group had offered to release the pilot if their failed suicide bomber Sajida-al-Reshawi was released. Before the deal was completed the pilot was mercilessly burnt to death”. The same paper reported about the death of the other man who was accused of being gay and thrown off from the rooftop of a 7 storey building.

ISIS-A-Geopolitical-Game-ChangerDeath penalty is still prevalent in the world even in a state like America. But what IS doing is not death penalty but medieval barbarism. Does Islam approve of this type of inhuman torching to death and murdering a man by throwing him off from a 7 storey building for an alleged offense? Could anyone show any instance of this type of barbarity in the history of the early period of Islam?

How these IS terrorists who claim to be the flag bearer of Islamic State could kill a fellow Muslim with such brutality? In the case of the ‘gay’ prisoner he was not even produced before a court of law and his offence was not proved beyond all doubts. Even if he was a gay is there any law to kill a man in such an inhuman way? Is this Islamic State running by the rule of jungle by using the name of Islam? What they are doing is a crime against humanity and the whole world should unite against them.

My fear is, that the type of terrorism that is now spreading all over Bangladesh in the name of democratic movement is directly or indirectly linked up with this so-called terrorism by IS. The way the Jordanian pilot was first put in a cage and then burnt to death, a similar pattern of killing is happening in Bangladesh. In a recent event a bus was torched and the door was locked-up so that passengers could not come out of the fire ball.

In the incident a mother with her infant child was roasted alive with other innocent passengers. Gazi Zahirul Islam, a leader of Dhaka journalist union filed cases against Begum Khaleda Zia for giving direction for this type of killing irrespective of women and children. Now he is bombarded with threatening letters that if he does not withdraw the cases then either he will be beheaded or put to death by arsoning following the example of IS.

See Video: ISIS burns alive Jordanian pilot "al-Kasasbeh"

See Video: ISIS burns alive Jordanian pilot “al-Kasasbeh”

Just a few months ago a number of bloggers in Bangladesh who were writing against terrorism were mercilessly attacked by supporters of Jihadists and two of them were killed when the miscreants tried to behead them. Some years ago a renowned writer Humayun Azad was also attacked in a similar manner by the fundamentalist gang, succumbed to his injuries and died a few months later. It was hoped that Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) will not follow this path associating themselves with Jamaat.

But that hope did not materialize. Lashker-e-Taiba, Lashker-e-Jhangvi, JMB and Shibir have made Bangladesh a killing field under the cover of a democratic movement. It is not a movement for democracy but a war against democracy and humanity both. If the government is not aware of this situation in time and mobilize the people against the rise of this barbarism then this will engulf not only Bangladesh but the whole subcontinent in near future.

My fear that I mentioned earlier is, that the go-slow policy of the present government will not discourage the miscreants but allow them to increase their strength under the cover of democratic movement.

bloggerm121431441695Unfortunately a section of our elite class and media are not aware of this danger. On the other hand, the western powers especially America is playing a divisive game particularly in Bangladesh. They are vocal about their engagement in war against terrorism but in Bangladesh when the government is engaged in combating a part of that terrorism without using military might or drone attack Obama administration and some of their allies in Europe are advising, in other words, pressurising Bangladesh government to go soft on terrorism; even to sit down with them to evolve a compromise formula which in reality would be a surrender to the evil forces.

A retired Major General of Indian Army, K. K. Ganguly recently in an article published in The Statesman exposed the American duplicity regarding their war against terrorism. He wrote, “The IS was created primarily by America with their middle-eastern allies to destabilize the secular government of Assad in Syria. They were trained and armed by America and are now engaged in establishing a so-called Islamic State with so much atrocity that has its parallel only in the medieval age.

Now Obama administration is trying to make a deal with Afghan Taliban (also created by America) to make their retreat from Afghanistan safely and honourably. Their only condition is that Afghan Taliban’s would disassociate themselves from Al-Qaeda and Hakkani Taliban. But Washington is totally silent about the atrocities of Lashkar-e-Tayiba, JMB and Jamaat in the eastern part of the subcontinent including Bangladesh and their present association with the Nationalist party of Bangladesh.

A report published in world media recently has revealed that a notorious Jihadist leader Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi is the link between IS and the Jihadists between Pakistan and Bangladesh. With the encouragement of ISI Baghdadi instructed his followers to recruit young people from India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh to wage war against the democratic and secular bases of these countries”.

CC6M_PEWIAAkHjp.jpg-largeIn the opinion of other political observers also America and their western allies are pursuing a policy to defeat Jihadists in the Middle-East to safeguard their oil interests and to keep safe their client state Israel but adopted a different policy in the Indian subcontinent and Bangladesh not to disturb the Jihadists and terrorists to weaken the democracy and secularism in the region. Perhaps they think secular and democratic governments in the subcontinent or in South Asia will not be helpful to safeguard their world domination.

In the Middle-east they have destroyed secular Iraq and Libya, and tried to destroy secular Syria by creating and encouraging medieval Jihadists. In South Asia they are also playing the same game in a different style. Here they have not created Jihadists but are indirectly supporting their activities in the name of supporting democratic movement. This western policy is a great danger for South Asia.


FEBRUARY 06, 2015


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