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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi gave a joint statement after holding bilateral talks in Dhaka.

The Bangladesh premier Sheikh Hasina talked firstly in the joint statement of the two state heads. Indian PM Narendra Modi talked after Hasina.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina started by greeting the Indian Prime Minister Modi and gave out statements over the talks held between the two.

She showed gratitude to the India people and the government for the ratification of the historic Land Boundary Agreement.

635692112493693985.-450x601“There will be zero tolerance for terrorism and extremism,” said Sheikh Hasina.
Sheikh Hasina further said in her speech that Land Boundary Agreement is a historic moment, which is a result of the cooperation between the two countries. The Bangladesh PM said that a Bangladesh Mission in Guahati will be initiated soon.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talked about the communication and business deals with India in her speech. She mentioned that India and Bangladesh will work hand in hand for the management and sharing of the 54 rivers that runs between the two borders.

“I am deeply honoured to visit Bangladesh. The first visit I made to this country is a special one for me,” the India premier started his speech by saying this.

Modi in his speech said that the Indian people and government praise Bangladesh’s socio-economic progress despite challenges. He mentioned that India wants Bangladesh to succeed in achieving the vision 2021 and 2041.

modi6The Indian primer brought up trade and economic relations between the two countries in his speech.

“Indian investments in Bangladesh will help. We will try to make trade and economic relations smoother and easier. Border issues will be resolved as well,” said the Indian PM.
Regarding the LBA, Modi said that Bangladesh and India now has a settled boundary which was a matter of dispute since Bangladesh’s independence.

“We stand at a moment of huge opportunity between the two countries. Bangladesh and India are now fellow travelers in the road to development,” Modi said.

07-1433679136-narendra-modi1Modi shed light on the matter of water distribution between the two countries as well.
“Our rivers should nurture our relationship, not become a source of discord. Water sharing is, above all, a human issue. I am confident that with the support of state governments in India, we can reach a fair solution on Teesta and Feni Rivers,” the Indian PM said.

The Indian PM said that he is privileged to have the West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banarjee in his Bangladesh visit.

Before ending his speech, Narendra Modi said that India and Bangladesh are defined by the youths of the two countries. He hoped that the young generation will set the directions towards the development and set new ceilings in the relation between the two countries.


JUNE 06, 2015


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