KHALEDA NIZAMIStaff Correspondent

Khaleda may one day term Nizami a freedom fighter: PM Staff Correspondent
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said BNP’s absence in parliament seems better in the worse.

“The House would experience through abusive words and rough manner. It is better in the worse not to have such opposition in parliament,” Hasina said in her valedictory speech at parliament.

Recalling the BNP’s role in the last parliament, the premier said they made the sacred place (House) foul hurling abusive words and showing rough manner.
“This parliament did not experience dirty words for the last one year. Today’s opposition has taken a right democratic institutional shape,” she said.

Praising the role of the opposition Jatiya Party, the premier said it was the duty of the opposition to portray the mistakes of the government and the opposition has been doing it in the current parliament. Raising question about BNP’s motto of boycotting January 5 polls, the premier said, “For whose instigation you refrained from contesting the polls. You made a mistake by not contesting the polls and why the people would pay for your mistake.”

Recalling a quarter’s apprehension of civil war after the Jan 5 polls, the premier said, “Many feared that the country would plunge in a civil war but the government took the steering firmly. That’s why the country has been moving forward,” she said.

The premier alleged that by boycotting the Jan 5 elections, Khaleda Zia wanted to turn Bangladesh into a Thailand like situation.

Lamabasting Khaleda for her move to foil Jan 5 polls, she said the voting rights of people are still in the country as she had failed to foil the polls through mayhem.

Responding to Khaleda’s allegation at a rally in Comilla, Hasina termed her government as a multi-party government as her government was elected democratically.

“If the country runs by one-party government, how are you addressing rallies spontaneously,” she said.

Referring to Khaleda’s remarks that Awami League is not a pro-liberation force, the premier said, “If Awami League has not fought for the country’s independence, who has done it…..BNP was not born during that time.”

Criticising BNP chief’s such statement, the premier said such days may come when Khaleda Zia would term war criminals Nizami and Kamaruzzaman as freedom fighters.
Blasting her arch rival for embezzling money from orphanage trust, she said, “How does she develop the country, who embezzles money from the orphanage?”

“As she embezzled the orphan fund, that’s why she fears to appear before the court,” she said.

The premier alleged that Khaleda has been misleading the people by spreading falsehood.
“They do not witness the development activities. How do they see it? They have made their fortune by involving in corruption while in office,” she said.

Listing her government’s development activities, the premier said her government created employment for one crore youths while increased the country’s foreign reserve, power generation, gas supply, food security, foreign investment to turn the country a digital one.
“Digital Bangladesh is a reality now, not a dream,” she added


DECEMBER 01, 2014

daily sun


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