In Bangladesh, most of the people don’t appear to possess any sense of fair judgment. Because, Bangladesh is the only country in the World where people allowed the opponents of independence war to go to state power.

It was a total disgrace to the honor of martyrs.Since , most of the people have no sense of judgment,so in the long run it backfires whole nation, as this poor sense of judgment reflects in our inability to elect qualified, efficient and dedicated people to run the country.

Most of the people are unable to understand that the Position of Prime Minister requires multidimensional quality with proven track record of political background. If a maid servant is allowed to run a Medical Research center or if a Sepoy is placed in the position of Chief of Army Staff, then only the Idiots and Dumbs will fail to understand that the out will be total disaster. This is exactly what is happening now in Bangladesh.

Recent Documentary Film ” Bangladesh Amar Bangladesh ” created by Khaleda-Nizami govt. criticized severely 6 Points, painted Bangobandhu Skeikh as Anti-People and greedy and with no clue showed Major Zia as the savior of People to create Bangladesh. As per this documentary film created by Khaleda-Nizami govt.

Major Zia was the man who mobilized whole population to fight for the Independence of Bangladesh. Those who created this Documentary Film must face criminal charges for distorting the National History. Many people voted for BNP to run the country , not to distort the history. Even , General Zia during his life time never claimed himself as the Proclaimer of Bangladesh Independence.

The-heroes-and-villains-of-our-independence-historyEven in his Article published in Weekly Bichitra, He clearly mentioned that from the ” Bangobandhu’s Historic Speech of 7th March ” , people got the message of Independence. Now, what is evil motive of Khaleda-Nizami govt. behind this distorted history of Bangladesh Independence.

There is no question, both Khaleda Zia and Nizami were against the independence war of Bangladesh. During liberation war, Nizami collaborated with Barbaric Pak Army who committed genocide, raped women and persecuted Bengalis. Khaleda was preferred to stay with Pakistani Army in Chittagong Cantonment during liberation war rather than joining her husband Major Zia in India.

In a book published by Major ( Retd.) Hafiz ( that time Lt. ) mentioned that in 1971 Khaleda Zia refused to join Major Zia in India . Everybody knows that during first term as a Prime Minister, Khaleda Zia send an official message of condolence at the death of a Pakistani General, General Janjua Khan, but She did not send any message of condolence at the death of General Aurora of Indian Army, who helped us fight against Pakistani Barbaric Army.

General Janjua Khan Pakistani Army was Lt. Col. in 1971, stationed in Chittagong cantonment and was involved in killing and raping our people. If we analyze whole picture, then people of Bangladesh should feel guilty to all Martyrs of liberation war by allowing the opponents of independence war like Khaleda Zia and Nizami to run Bangladesh.

If Bangladesh were not independent, then most probably Major Zia could not get promoted above the rank of Colonel and Khaleda Zia could not go out beyond kitchen area. It was just beyond imagination that one day a bunch Rajakars and Thugs in state power would dare to distort totally the history of Bangladesh Independence. People having a least amount of respect for the martyrs of Liberation war must act actively to remove this evil minded Khaleda-Nizami govt. from state power forever.

252334_252714554856652_1499927387_nIn fact, Major Zia was at all a factor in the liberation war. He was just one of the eleven sector commanders. There were at least dozens of people whose contributions were far greater than Major Zia in the liberation war. In Chittagong , Major Rafique of the then EPR ( Now BDR) started to fight against Pakistani Army on 24th March. He did not wait of Zia’s call to start liberation war.

Major Shafiullah with 2nd Bengal Regiment at Joydebpur defied Pak Army order on 19th March. But, Major Zia followed the order of Pak Army command to go to Port to unload arms and ammunition from Pakistani Navy Ship SWAT. In fact Major Rafique kept Chittagong City under his control and asked Major Zia to join him. But Major Zia wad heading to port to unload arms and ammunition as per Pak Military command.

However, on the way his road was blocked by local AL leaders and activists. Initially Major Rafique was contacted to come to Kalur gath Betar Kendra for to read the announcement of Bangladesh Independence on behalf of Bangobandhu. On 26th March Major Rafique was still fighting against Pakistani army to keep Chittagong city under his control, so he was unable to go to Kalurgath.

Statement of Major( Retd) Rafique has been published in Daily Ittefaq on 25th September 2006. Then at the request local leaders Major Zia reluctantly went to Kalur Gath Betar Kendra on 27th March in the evening. After seizing state power by dint of armed forces, General Zia never showed any respect to liberation war. He was the one who reinstated Rajakars in state power and in order to accommodate his evil plan of bring Rajakars back to state power , General Zia used to say ” Forget 71 “, and ” I shall make Politics difficult for the politicians “. definitely, he did not care politics, as he combined all Rajakars, Thugs, Gang leaders , opponents of liberation war and some Military and Civilian bureaucrats.

Now, all opponents of liberation war and the Rajakars are using the name of Zia to distort the history of Bangladesh. In fair judgment, there are many names that deserve to be placed above Major Zia for their greater contribution in the independence war of Bangladesh. There are many sector commanders who fought against Pak Army face to face more heroically than Major Zia. So, he does not deserve to have so many state propertied to be named after him. Naming must be re-evaluated.

History can’t be recreated. History is never dead. Truth can’t be suffocated for longtime. We can’t expect the History of Bangladesh independence from the Rajakars, Thugs and the opponents of liberation war. A handful people like domestic dogs and cats in exchange of undue financial and state benefits are helping this Rajakar BNP-Jamaat govt. to distort the history by creating 100% false documentary film.

This CD must be withdrawn from the market and all people involved in the creation of this distorted documentary film must face criminal charges. History of Bangladesh Independence does not belong to any political party. So, no body has any right to touch it. Being elected to run the country does not give any authority to distort the history. Now, it is time for all people of Bangladesh to show honor to the Martyrs by getting rid of BNP-Jamat from state power.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2006


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