A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on August 17, Forty Years Ago

August 17, Forty Years Ago- Sheikh Mujib Buried

Bangladesh President Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, who was killed in a military coup on August 14, was buried with “full honours” at the family burial ground in Faridpur district, 160 km from Dacca, on August 16. Bangladesh was under curfew and cut-off from the rest of the world, news agencies reported. New President Khondkar Mushtaque Ahmed held a cabinet meeting and “expressed satisfaction at the overall situation” in the country, Radio Bangladesh reported. While reiterating his government’s determination to establish friendly relations with all countries, Ahmed said Bangladesh would be in close touch with the 40-nation Islamic conference. Pakistan, which recognised the new regime immediately after the coup, requested the Islamic and Third World countries to recognise the new government.

India Grieved

India said the political developments in Dacca are “internal matters” of Bangladesh, while adding that it was “deeply grieved” by the “tragic death of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, who led the national struggle for liberation with steadfastness and courage”. The US said it was following the situation “closely”.

Flood Warning

The Central Water and Power Research Station, Khadakwasla, and the India Meteorological Department developed telemetric instrumentation, which could warn about floods. These instruments could report automatically by wireless, rainfall and rain intensity and river water levels and flood velocities at different points in the upstream reaches.

Monsoon Tourism

The government and the private sector were looking at tourists from West Asia and Buddhist pilgrims to rescue the flagging tourism sector. A campaign was on to pitch the Indian monsoon as a tourist attraction to prospective visitors from arid but oil-rich Gulf countries and Sheikhdoms, the report said.


AUGUST 17, 2015


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