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Today’s National Mourning Day observes the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all but two members of his family.

The brutal murders of August 15, 1975 cast a dark shadow on the history of Bangladesh.

It is a tragedy that this one day four decades ago, before most of our population today was even born, has left a legacy of violence and dysfunction in our politics, which harms our development.

We should use this anniversary to reflect upon Bangabandhu’s vision for Bangladesh. His vision of a peaceful and prosperous Sonar Bangla, in which Bangladesh could flower as a “Switzerland of Asia” working in co-operation and friendship with all nations of the world, remains just as important and necessary today.

Bangabandhu’s courage and vision in articulating the case for self-rule and providing the historic inspiration that held people together during the liberation war, are the bedrock on which our independence stands today.

Bangabandhu did not just unify the nation to lead it to independence. After liberation he worked hard to overcome the devastation of 1971.

_64546403_bangladesh_sheikh_mujibur_rHe had to pragmatically use his global stature as a respected statesman to help rebuild the country and gain recognition of Bangladesh from states which had opposed its freedom. He faced many difficulties and had to balance many conflicting forces, from left, right, religious and overseas quarters, including those who opposed the independence of the nation.

We must not forget just how many challenges he faced in the three and half years he led newly independent Bangladesh, before his life was brutally cut short.

The people of Bangladesh have shown great resilience in keeping economic development and the spirit of democracy alive all these years.

We should all strive to seek out and build on the best of Bangabandhu’s ideals if we are to take the nation forward and achieve his vision for Bangladesh.


AUGUST 15, 2015


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