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The recent report on a Pakistani diplomat quickly leaving Dhaka after being caught by intelligence for having links with Jamaat_e-Islami, Hizbut tahir and Ansarullah Bangladesh has only confirmed how Islamabad is involved in the ongoing terrorism activities led by BNP-Jamaat.

The actions are clear that these fire bombers are well trained or had undergone training by those returning from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The target – road-rail communication / economy / electricity facility and education – the major success areas of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League-led government. It is also a target of Pakistan possibly as it never wants to see a successful and prosperous Bangladesh. If it was otherwise, why this Pakistani diplomat would be involved in anti-Bangladesh activities.

mazhar-khanAccording to media reports, Mazhar Khan, attaché in the Pakistan high commission’s consular section, had set up a wide network producing and distributing fake Indian currency. Quoting intelligence report, the newspapers said Mazhar in collaboration with some other Pakistani high commission officials used to channel this money earned through the currency scam to Jamaat-e-Islami , banned Hizbut Tahrir and Ansarullah Bangla Team.

He left Dhaka quietly after the Bangladesh foreign ministry asked for his withdrawal on the basis of intelligence report.

A huge amount of Indian currency was seized from a Pakistani Airlines flight in Dhaka on the basis of this diplomat’s information.

It also highlights that BNP-Jamaat, always bitter foes of India and now trying to woo Indian support, will always remain allies of Pakistan and give the soil of Bangladesh for use in anti-Indian activities, including terrorism. New Delhi must seriously take note of that and take its own action.

jamaatThe ulterior motive also of this campaign that Islamabad is quietly abetting is how to overturn the war crimes trial of Jamaat and few BNP leaders. Pakistan has been very kind to Jamaat and BNP always.

Mazhar’s name came out after questioning Bangladeshi named Mujibur Rahman. Most Bangladeshis linked to Mazhar were involved in various militant organizations in Bangladesh. The money was channeled to Jamaat and others were terror acts.

Can a Pakistan, a failed state, like to see a flourishing Bangladesh it wanted to crush by boots and guns. They had s shameful departure on December 16, 1971, but returned with force after the 1975 killing of Bangabandhu.

Mazhar was also detained but was freed on diplomatic immunity after another of his colleagues intervened.

It is time Bangladeshis in general and the government rose upto tackling Pakistani activities here and also dealing with a tough hand with Islamabad’s lackeys working o destroy Bangladesh.


FEBRUARY 04, 2015


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